Free shuttle bus operation information

All ferries are cancelled today.

Please check each ferry company's website for the ferry operation status and future outlook.
Anei Kanko
Yaeyama Kanko Ferry

2024.7.17. 06:22 last modified


・The bus will depart on time when we leave the hotel. Staff will let you know at lobby before departure, so please come to lobby on the 1st floor with plenty of time before you use.

・When we pick you up at each port, we will depart after we confirm the arrival of the ship. Please be aware that we may not be able to operate on time if the ship is delayed or crowded.

・The port to which the hotel bus connects depends on the operation status of the day. Please check the status and be careful not to get on the wrong bus.

・The hotel staff is waiting near the port with the hotel's signboard. When you arrive at the port, please ask staff and use the hotel bus.

・As for the operation status of the ferry, each operating company will decide about 6: 15 in the morning. Please check the following link.
Anei Kanko
Yaeyama Kanko Ferry

・Please be careful when you use the ferry as there are times when the hotel bus is not connected.